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Online activism: Opportunities to raise your voice

Military detention for US citizens?

In America, the right to trial is fundamental, as are the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of belief. The detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) now moving through Congress threaten each of these rights by authorizing the indefinite military detention of anyone—even US citizens—without trial. The proposal is far more radical than any national security policy advanced under the Bush Administration.

The president, secretary of defense, FBI director, senators from both sides of the political aisle, and chairs of the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees oppose this bill because it endangers national security.

Raise your voice against this dangerous bill!

Not Without a WarrantNot without a warrant!

The government's power to read your email, access your private photos stored online and track your daily movements is defined in a 1986 law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The privacy protections of ECPA have not been updated since 1986. They say that the government can access your communications and monitor you without getting a warrant from a judge.

Isn't it time for privacy to catch up with technology? Join the call to get Congress to reform ECPA by signing this petition.

Shine a light on the FBI

Over the past decade, the FBI has abused its investigative powers, failed to respect its own guidelines, and avoided accountability by keeping its actions secret and actively misleading courts, Congress, and the American people. Stop the FBI's assault on the First and Fourth Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

Sign our letter to Congress today.

Stand with BORDC against FBI abuses

The FBI conducts investigations without even suspicion of wrongdoing—Director Mueller admitted as much to the Senate Judiciary Committee in July 2010—and monitors the First Amendment-protected activities of activist groups and even religious organizations. BORDC is calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to reform the FBI's investigation guidelines to prevent such constitutionally prohibited abuses.

Sign our letter to the attorney general today.

Demand accountability for human experimentation

Across the history of the medical profession, no maxim has been more important than that to "do no harm." A recent report by Physicians for Human Rights has revealed that, beyond merely participating in torture-which has long been decried throughout the medical profession, as well as by interfaith leaders from across the spectrum of faiths-psychologists and other medical professionals working with government officials also engaged in human experimentation.

Please stand with us to defend the rule of law today, by adding your voice to our letter to the attorney general.

End racial profiling

Sign the Rights Working Group's petition calling on Attorney General Holder to strengthen the Department of Justice’s 2003 guidelines on racial profiling to include profiling based on religion and national origin; close loopholes that allow profiling at borders in the name of “national security”; ensure that the guidelines are enforceable and that law enforcement agencies are held accountable; and apply the guidelines to state and local law enforcement agencies working in cooperation with federal agencies or receiving federal money.

After you sign the petition, get active against racial profiling in your community. Start a campaign to pass BORDC’s model legislation. Our ordinance imposes limits on local law enforcement authorities and creates enforceable protections against domestic surveillance, immigration enforcement, and racial and religious profiling.

Sign Get FISA Right's open letter to President Obama

Add your name to this letter, organized by Get FISA Right, which calls on the President to fulfill his campaign promises by protecting civil liberties and increasing government transparency.

Demand ethics investigations for torture

While the Attorney General contemplates a limited investigation scapegoating junior officials who violated "approved" torture techniques, BORDC and allies (including the National Lawyers Guild and Velvet Revolution) are pursuing ethics complaints against former senior officials.  Letters will soon be available for each state in which torture lawyers face formal complaints.

Demand a complete investigation of torture

Sign on to support a complete and thorough investigation of all government officials allegedly complicit in torture, and prosecution wherever the evidence merits. Add your name to our general letter or a letter addressing the unique perspective of a particular profession: legal professionals, educators, health professionals, or clergy and religious lay-leaders.