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Conservatives Calling for Repeal or Examination of USA PATRIOT Act

Conservatives, who have traditionally stood for limited government and individual liberty, are as concerned about the USA PATRIOT Act and related legislation as liberals. Prominent conservative groups and individuals against the Act include:

August 10, 2005, Amy Sowder, Pensacola News Journal, Ex-lawmaker blasts Patriot Act: Republican Barr warns of privacy issues

June 15, 2005, Pastor Chuck Baldwin,, Patriot Act is Dismantling Constitutional Guaranteed Liberties

June 13, 2005, Alan Caruba, Canada Free Press, Can Patriots Survive the Patriot Act?

June 12, 2005, Tom Hamburger, Los Angeles Times, Patriot Act Push Angers Some on Right

May 17, 2005, Bob Barr, The Washington Times, Clearing the air on the Patriot Act

April 10, 2005, Nolan Finley, The Detroit News, Five reasons why conservatives should fight the Patriot Act

March 25, 2005, Abid Aslam, OneWorld US, Left-Right Coalition Rises to Oppose USA Patriot Act Provisions

June 3, 2004, Paul M. Weyrich & David Keene, The American Spectator, Oversee the PATRIOT Act

May 31, 2004, Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk, Freedom vs. Security: A False Choice

May 18, 2004, Bob Barr, Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security at a Hearing on H.R. 3179, the "Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Tools Improvement Act of 2003"

February 25, 2004, Bob Barr, Washington Times, Attitude Adjustment at TSA

November 11, 2003, Newt Gingrich, San Francisco Chronicle, The Policies of War Refocus the Mission

"We must ensure that the legal tools provided are not abused, and indeed, that they do not undermine the very foundation our country was built upon. . . I strongly believe the Patriot Act was not created to be used in crimes unrelated to terrorism."

August 21, 2003, Timothy Lynch, National Review Online, Patriotic Questions: Addressing the Patriot Act

"Reasonable people can and will disagree about the proper scope of the government's surveillance powers in the post-9/11 environment, but the stakes need to be clearly understood — and that cannot happen when government officials employ doublespeak, such as by using the terms 'liberty' and 'coercion' as if they were interchangeable."

October 20, 2003, Byron York, National Review Online, Norquist and Keene Join Baldwin and Neas

For an example of how threats to civil liberties bring together people and organizations from across the political spectrum, see this sign-on letter opposing the Domestic Security Enhancement Act (aka "Patriot II).