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Archives - April 2007

April 30, 2007, Warren Richey, Christian Science Monitor, Supreme Court Declines to Enter the Fray on Detainee Trials

April 30, 2007, Will Lester, Associated Press, McCain: I'd move Guantánamo detainees to US

April 30, 2007, Craig Whitlock, Washington Post, Nowhere to go, cleared prisoners stay at Guantánamo

April 30, 2007, Associated Press (Germany), Torture Probe of US Officials Rejected

April 30, 2007, William Fisher, TruthOut, Pentagon Backtracks as Advocacy Groups Blast Ethnic Profiling

April 30, 2007, Dan Eggen, Washington Post, GOP Lawmaker Told of Plan to Fire US Attorney

April 30, 2007, Associated Press, Secret Warrants to Be Used in Ohio Case

April 30, 2007, Associated Press, Bar Criticizes Proposed Detainee Rules

April 30, 2007, Associted Press, AG: Hicks Won't Be Able to Sell Story

April 30, 2007, Associated Press, Guantánamo Lawyers Predict More Suicides

April 30, 2007, Reuters, Australia, U.S. Behave Tyrannically, Says Ex - PM

April 29, 2007, Associated Press, Request to Pull Guantánamo Lawyer Plan

April 29, 2007, Hannah Allam, McClatchy Newspapers, Mother of detained Saudi emerges as activist

April 29, 2007, United Press International, Fate of cleared Guantánamo inmates unclear

April 29, 2007, Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times, Borders Spell Trouble for Arab-American

April 29, 2007, Suzanne Bohan, San Mateo County (CA) Times, U.S. internment camp survivors tell tales

April 29, 2007, Associated Press, Gonzales heckled at Harvard Law School reunion

April 28, 2007, Dafna Linzer, Washington Post, CIA Held Al-Qaeda Suspect Secretly; Officials Disclose That Use of Overseas Prisons Resumed

April 28, 2007, Warren P. Strobel and Jonathan S. Landay, McClatchy Newspapers, Annual Terrorism Report Will Show 29% Rise in Attacks

April 28, 2007, Charlie Savage, Boston Globe, 2003 memo describes installing unconfirmed prosecutors

April 28, 2007, Mark Mazzetti and David S. Cloud, New York Times, C.I.A. Held Qaeda Leader in Secret Jail for Months

April 27, 2007, William Fisher, TruthOut, US Attorney Under Attack for "Terror Trophy" Prosecutions

April 27, 2007, Karen J. Greenberg, TomDispatch, Can Guantánamo Be Closed?

April 27, 2007, John Diaz, San Francisco Chronicle, On the Government's 'Watch List'

April 27, 2007, David Bromwich, Huffington Post, Slavery in Guantánamo

April 27, 2007, Andrew Buncombe, Independent/UK, Guantánamo Bay Prisoners’ Lawyers Condemn Bush Administration

April 27, 2007, Carol D. Leonnig, Washington Post, U.S. Wants to Limit Guantánamo Detainees' Access to Lawyers

April 27, 2007, Mary E. O’Leary, New Haven Register, State gains power to probe Verizon, AT&T

April 27, 2007, New York Times Editorial, After the Lawyers

April 27, 2007, Shankar Mukherji, The Tech (MIT's newspaper), Time to Shut Down Guantánamo

April 27, 2007, Richard Leiby, Washington Post, Down a Dark Road: Movie Uses Afghan's Death to Ask Tough Questions About U.S. and Torture

April 27, 2007, Jane Sutton, News Interactive (Australia), Hicks deal sets 'helpful' precedent

April 27, 2007, Commentary by Raul Reyes, USA Today, Why are Gonzales' amigos so silent?

April 27, 2007, West Australian, Hicks case a shameful episode: lawyers

April 26, 2007, Massimo Calabresi, Time, Digging In On Gonzales

April 26, 2007, Associated Press, Washington Post, McCain: Gonzales Should Resign

April 26, 2007, Associated Press, Yahoo News, Pentagon urged to close secret database

April 26, 2007, Jonathan Lemire, NY Daily News, FDNY cranking up its anti-terror fight

April 26, 2007, Dina Temple-Raston, NPR, FBI Rewrites Rules on National Security Letters

April 26, 2007, Tyche Hendricks, San Francisco Chronicle, Child's civil rights were violated during immigration raid, lawsuit says

April 25, 2007, Paul Shukovsky, Tracy Johnson, and Daniel Lathrop, Seattle Post Intelligencer, FBI opening far fewer civil rights inquiries

April 25, 2007, The Associated Press, 11 Alive News, Panel Grants Immunity to Gonzales Aide

April 25, 2007, Peter S. Canellos, Boston Globe, Support of Gonzales affirms power play

April 25, 2007, Samuel Maull, Guardian (UK), NY Civil Rights Lawyer Is Disbarred

April 25, 2007, Laurie Kellman, Associated Press, Democrats Ponder Subpoenas in Firings

April 25, 2007, Jennifer Talhelm, Washington Post, Lawmaker Leaves Panels After FBI Raid

April 25, 2007, Paul Kane, Washington Post, More GOP Senators Critical of Gonzales

April 25, 2007, Elizabeth Williamson, Washington Post, Revival of Oversight Role Sought

April 25, 2007, Thomas Ferraro, Reuters, Democratic lawmaker seeks to impeach Cheney

April 25, 2007, Ed Henry, CNN Washington Bureau, Agency investigating Rove's political operation

April 25, 2007, Associated Press, New York Times, Counselors Probe White House Maneuvers

April 25, 2007, Mark Mazzetti, New York Times, Pentagon Intelligence Chief Proposes Ending a Database

April 25, 2007, Reuters, New York Times, Guantánamo War Court Charges Canadian with Murder

April 25, 2007, Associated Press, New York Times, U.S. Charges Guantánamo Detainee

April 25, 2007, Associated Press, New York Times, U.S. to Help Return Dirty War Suspect

April 25, 2007, Robert Parry, Consortium News, Hypocrisy: Thy Name Is Bush

April 24, 2007, Terry Aguayo, New York Times, Jury Selection Is Slow Going in Padilla Terrorism Trial

April 24, 2007, Jim Rutenberg and Neil A. Lewis, New York Times, At Least the Boss Was Satisfied by Gonzales’s Answers

April 24, 2007, Naomi Wolf, Guardian Unlimited, Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

April 24, 2007, Deutsche Welle, German-Born Ex-Guantánamo Inmate Publishes Memoir

April 24, 2007, Washington Post Editorial, Hearing Problem: What will it take for the president to lose faith in Alberto Gonzales?

April 24, 2007, New York Times Topics, Alberto R. Gonzales

April 23, 2007, Vallejo Chelle Stockman, TimesHerald Op-Ed, A marketing ploy for war

April 23, 2007,Terence Hunt, FOX News, Gonzales Vows to Stay on the Job

April 23, 2007, DemocracyNow (audio), Gonzales Grilled by GOPs and Dems at Hearing, Says Can't Recall 50+ Times

April 23, 2007, New York Times/Editorial, Gonzales v. Gonzales

April 23, 2007, William Fisher,, Guantánamo Detainees in Isolation, Diplomatic Limbo

April 23, 2007, Ari Kaplan,, Legal Thinkers Clash in Debate on U.S. Surveillance

April 23, 2007, Joshua Molina, Mercury News, San Jose urged to take stand against company with alleged ties to CIA torture flights

April 23, 2007, Reuters, EU to tell groups why they are on terrorism list

April 23, 2007, Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post, Two resignations keep ethics spotlight on GOP

April 23, 2007, John Heilprin, Associated Press, Gonzales takes more criticism on firings

April 23, 2007, Diana Jean Schemo, New York Times, Specter Says Gonzales Presence Is ‘Harmful’

April 23, 2007, Thomas Ferraro, Reuters, Debate rages over fate of Bush's friend Gonzales

April 23, 2007, Associated Press, Bush Administration Awash in Scandals

April 22, 2007, Richard Mauer, Anchorage Daily News, U.S. scandal threatens Alaska’s prosecutor

April 22, 2007, Michael Chertoff, Washington Post Op-Ed, Make No Mistake: This is War

April 21, 2007, Peter Baker and Dan Eggen, Washington Post, Bush Rebuffs GOP Pressure For Gonzales to Step Down

April 21, 2007, Michael Isikoff, Newsweek, Waiting for Gonzales to Walk

April 21, 2007, William Fisher, TruthOut, Guantánamo Detainees in Isolation, Diplomatic Limbo

April 21, 2007, Peter Rowe, San Diego Union-Tribune, Military medicine, torture examined

April 21, 2007, Campbell Clark, Toronto Globe and Mail, Witness recants testimony against terrorism suspect

April 21, 2007, Robert Burns, AP Military Writer, Prisoners deny knowing anti-U.S. plots

April 21, 2007, Richard B. Schmitt and Richard Simon, Los Angeles Times, GOP support for Gonzales continues to deteriorate

April 21, 2007, Albany Times-Union Editorial, Mr. Gonzales's Defense

April 21, 2007, Boston Globe Editorial, Cubans Can Be Terrorists, Too

April 20, 2007, Marian McCue, Bangor (Maine) Daily News OpEd, Patriot Act powers too broad?

April 20, 2007, Frances Robles, Miami Herald, Cuba lashes White House over Posada release

April 20, 2007, Boston Globe Editorial, No Support for Either Gonzales

April 20, 2007, The Hill, Demoted U.S. Attorney Protested Office Shutdown, Loss of Resources

April 20, 2007, Matt Renner, TruthOut, White House Wants First Crack at RNC Emails

April 19, 2007, Jonathan Katz, Associated Press, German official raps Guantánamo

April 19, 2007, Eve Fairbanks, The New Republic, Senate Republicans Disown Gonzales

April 19, 2007, Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe, The White House Truth Gap

April 19, 2007, Brita Sydhoff, Baltimore Sun, Why We Must Tell Truth About Torture

April 19, 2007, Thomas Ferraro, Reuters, Gonzales to testify today about fired prosecutors

April 19, 2007, Clive Stafford Smith, New Statesman, The circle of rendition

April 19, 2007, Mark Schliebs, (Australia), Hicks father may defy gag order

April 19, 2007, Barbara McMahon, The Guardian, Australia and US to swap refugees

April 19, 2007, Kevin Bohn, CNN, Gonzales apologizes to fired U.S. attorneys

April 19, 2007, CBS News, CBS Poll: 36% Say Gonzales Should Quit

April 19, 2007, Laurie Kellman, Associated Press, Gonzales: Firings were justified

April 19, 2007, Ruben Navarrette Jr., CNN Op-Ed, Will Gonzales get a fair hearing?

April 18, 2007, United Press International, ACLU doubts FBI's new NSL guidelines

April 18, 2007, Diana Ladden, The Independent, Libraries react to Patriot Act abuses

April 18, 2007, Reuters, Minnesota's Muslim Cab Drivers Face Crackdown

April 18, 2007, Michael Melia, Guardian (UK), Father of Pakistani Alleges U.S. Torture

April 18, 2007, Jan Crawford Greenburg and Ariane de Vogue, ABC News, Gonzales Contradicts His Own Testimony

April 18, 2007, John Bresnahan, Think Progress, Senate Ethics Confirms Domenici Probe Over US Attorney Firing

April 18, 2007, Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Potential Padilla jurors admit bias

April 18, 2007, Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Guantánamo not that high on Cuba's wish list

April 18, 2007, Jake Bernstein, Texas Observer, Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Dangerous Database

April 18, 2007, Walter Pincus, Washington Post, CIA Chief Complains About Agency's Critics in Europe

April 18, 2007, Paul Kane, Washington Post, Immunity for Ex-Gonzales Aide Weighed

April 18, 2007, Laurie Kellman, Associated Press, House Prods Gonzales Aide to Testify

April 18, 2007, Associated Press, Europeans Critical of CIA Terror Tactics

April 18, 2007, William Glaberson, New York Times, Detainee Denies Membership in Al Qaeda

April 17, 2007, Mark Mazzetti, New York Times, Bush Allies in Congress Block Bill That Would Require Disclosures of Secret CIA Prisons

April 17, 2007, Andrea K. Zarate, AFP, Terror suspect Padilla trial opens with jury selection

April 17, 2007, Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press, Denver Post, Gonzales' visit moved to Thursday

April 17, 2007, Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald, Father: Son was tortured in Pakistan

April 17, 2007, Richard Willing, USA Today, Bush administration seeks to expand surveillance law

April 17, 2007, Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald, Detainee claims no allegiance to bin Laden

April 17, 2007, Angela Doland, Associated Press, Boston Globe, French warned CIA of Qaeda plot in '01

April 17, 2007, Associated Press, Globe reporter wins Pulitzer: Targeted Bush’s signing statements

April 17, 2007, Kevin Buck, The Signal Guest Commentary, Springtime Subpoenas in Bloom

April 16, 2007, H. Candace Gorman, Huffington Post, One Pill Fits All

April 16, 2007, Dan Eggen and Paul Kane, Washington Post, Ex-Justice Official's Statements Contradict Gonzales on Firings

April 16, 2007, Laura Parker, USA Today, Padilla jury selection starts today

April 16, 2007, Amit R. Paley, Washington Post, Data-mining of students raises alarms

April 16, 2007, Siobhan Gorman, Baltimore Sun, Head of NSA forces change

April 16, 2007, Jane Sutton, Reuters, U.S. "dirty bomber" stigma haunts Padilla trial

April 16, 2007, Lara Jakes Jordan and Hope Yen, Associated Press, Gonzales Calls Role in Firings Indirect

April 16, 2007, Joelle Farrell, Concord Monitor, White House candidates talk torture on the trail

April 16, 2007, Jeffrey Gettleman and Will Connors, New York Times, New Jersey Man Appears Before Tribunal in Ethiopia

April 16, 2007, Adam Zagorin, Time, Conservatives to Bush: Fire Gonzales

April 16, 2007, Jon Cohen and Jennifer Agiesta, Washington Post, Poll: Most Say Politics Motivated U.S. Attorney Firings

April 16, 2007, Associated Press, Terror Trial to Begin for Jose Padilla

April 16, 2007, James Risen, New York Times, Legislation Seeks to Ease Rules on Domestic Spying

April 16, 2007, David Johnston and Neil A. Lewis, New York Times, ‘Nothing to Hide,’ Attorney General Insists

April 16, 2007, Peter Kaplan and Charles Abbott, Reuters, Gonzales concedes missteps in attorney firings

April 15, 2007, Jeffrey Rosen, New York Times Magazine, Who's Watching the FBI?

April 15, 2007, Dan Frosch, New York Times, 2 Ejected From Bush Speech Posed a Threat, Lawyers Say

April 15, 2007, H. Candace Gorman, San Francisco Chronicle, Kangaroo Tribunals Give a Kafkaesque Edge to Guantánamo

April 15, 2007, Sam Howe Verhovek, Los Angeles Times, Ex-foreign service officer offers Muslim perspective

April 15, 2007, Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor, McClatchy Newspapers, On Tuesday, All Eyes Will Be on Gonzales

April 15, 2007, Alberto R. Gonzales, Washington Post Op-Ed, Nothing Improper

April 13, 2007, Josh Meyer, Los Angeles Times, 2 'high-value' Guantánamo detainees deny terrorism

April 13, 2007, Moazzam Begg, The Guardian (UK), From anomaly to ordeal: just add water

April 13, 2007, Associated Press, 'American Taliban' Moved To Supermax Prison

April 13, 2007, Ji-Hye Park, Georgetown University Hoya, Tariq Ramadan: Banned from U.S., but Speaking from Afar

April 13, 2007, Michael Kranish, Boston Globe, Subpoenas vowed over 'lost' e-mails

April 12, 2007, Andrea Hopkins, Reuters, FBI arrests Ohio man for alleged al Qaeda plot

April 12, 2007, Curt Anderson, Associated Press, Lawyers for alleged al-Qaida operative Padilla object to disguised CIA officer testifying

April 12, 2007, Associated Press, Librarian who fended off FBI warns against government secrecy in terrorism investigations

April 12, 2007, Katherine Shrader, Associated Press, Spy chief: Rework surveillance law

April 12, 2007, Tom Hamburger, Los Angeles Times, Officials' e-mail relevant to US Attorney firings may be missing, White House says

April 12, 2007, Victor Hanson, Jurist, David Hicks' Guilty Plea: Another Blow to US Moral Authority

April 11, 2007, Jay Weaver, McClatchy Newspapers, Federal judge says Padilla trial will proceed

April 11, 2007, Associated Press, Report: FBI hasn't replaced agents moved

April 11, 2007, Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times, Gonzales resignation favored by 53% of Americans, poll finds

April 11, 2007, Paul Krugman, Editorial, New York Times, Sweet Little Lies

April 11, Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press, Imprisoned Terrorist Hunter to Be Freed

April 11, The Jurist, Rumsfeld torture case dismissal raises specter of rights without remedy

April 11, 2007, Curt Anderson, Associated Press, Padilla loses bid for dismissal: Torture allegations may surface at trial

April 11, 2007, Reuters, Gonzales gets subpoena for documents in firings

April 11, 2007, Associated Press, McConnell Seeks to Boost U.S. Spy Powers

April 10, 2007, Curt Anderson, Associated Press, Boston Globe, Judge rejects Padilla torture argument

April 10, 2007, Richard A. Serrano, Chicago Tribune, More Gonzales papers requested

April 10, 2007, Michael Melia, Associated Press, Miami Herald, Navy links Guantánamo fast to media coverage

April 10, 2007, Zinie Chen Sampson, Associated Press, Newsday, Bush Administration Gets Muzzle Award

April 10, 2007, Adam Cohen, New York Times Editorial Observer, Bush v. Congress: The Looming Battle Over Executive Privilege

April 10, 2007, BBC News, Guantánamo force-feeds detainees

April 10, 2007, Daily Nebraskan Opinion, Bipartisan questioning about Gonzales needs to continue

April 10, 2007, United Press International, FBI congressional chief leaving

April 9, 2007, Gail Russell Chaddock, Christian Science Monitor, Congress Girds Up for Return to Oversight

April 9, 2007, David Phinney, Inter Press News Service, "My Name Used to Be #200343"

April 9, 2007, Peggy Lim, The News and Observer, Protesters arrested at Aero in Smithfield

April 9, 2007, Sherwood Ross, Political Affairs Magazine, Bush Spreads Guantánamo Gangrene Around the World

April 9, 2007, Martin S. Pinales and Ellen S. Podgor, National Law Journal, Catch-22 for counsel

April 9, 2007, BBC News (UK), US denies Iranian torture claim

April 9, 2007, Editorial, New York Times, Another Layer of Scandal

April 9, 2007, Ashley Surdin, Los Angeles Times, War protester settles free-speech lawsuit

April 9, 2007, Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Guantánamo detainees resume hunger strike

April 9, 2007, Peter Baker, Washington Post, What's Leaking Out of the White House

April 9, 2007, Rod McGuirk, Associated Press, Report: Gitmo Prisoner Can't Sell Story

April 9, 2007, Dahlia Lithwick, Washington Post, Justice's Holy Hires

April 9, 2007, David Stout, New York Times, Gingrich Faults Gonzales for Attorneys ‘Mess’

April 9, 2007, Tim Golden, New York Times, Guantánamo Detainees Stage Hunger Strike

April 7, 2007, Boston Globe Editorial, Fundamental Rights

April 7, 2007, Sean Maroney, Voice of America, Amnesty International Says Conditions at Guantánamo Getting Worse

April 7, 2007, Patrick Condon, Associated Press, 3 U.S. Attorney's Lawyers Resign Posts

April 7, 2007, Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor, McClatchy-Tribune, Key Gonzales Deputy Resigns

April 7, 2007, Associated Press, Massachusetts: Judge Puts Hold on Deportations

April 6, 2007, New York Times Editorial, Guantánamo Follies

April 6, 2007, Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press, Senate Dems Postpone Gonzales Testimony

April 6, 2007, Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press, Boston Globe, Senators demand details from Gonzales

April 6, 2007, Bill Scher,, Recesspool

April 6, 2007, Associated Press, Slain CIA officer's father opposes release

April 5, 2007, Marjorie Cohn, Z-Net, Coming Up Short on Habeas for Detainees

April 5, 2007, Anthony Mitchell, Associated Press, Miami Herald, Ethiopia secret prisons under scrutiny

April 5, 2007, USA Today columnist opinion, Should he stay - or should he go?

April 5, 2007, Richard A. Serrano, Los Angeles Times, Release of 'American Taliban' is urged

April 5, 2007, Dan Eggen and Paul Kane, Washington Post, Gonzales Prepares to Fight for His Job in Testimony

April 5, 2007, Democracy Now!, Secret FBI Unit Detained War Protesters In 2002

April 5, 2007, Democracy Now! 'Outsourced Guantánamo' - FBI & CIA Interrogating Detainees in Secret Ethiopian Jails, U.S. Citizen Among Those Held

April 4, 2007, Aziz Huq,, Politicizing National Security

April 4, 2007, Eugene Robinson, Commentary/Washington Post, Robinson: Guantánamo transcript lets us fill in the blanks

April 4, 2007, Miami Herald, Guantánamo gag order may be unenforceable

April 4, 2007, Susan Crabtree and Elana Schor, The Hill, Domenici, Wilson Face More Questions About Iglesias

April 4, 2007, Democracy Now!, Imprisoned Journalist Josh Wolf Released After Record 225 Days in Jail

April 4, 2007, Associated Press, Journalist freed after record time in jail

April 4, 2007, Richard A. Serrano, Los Angeles Times, Gonzales aide refuses again to talk about role in firings

April 4, 2007, Richard Cohen, Washington Post, Gonzales the Cipher

April 4, 2007, Editorial, Washington Post, Spectacle at Guantánamo

April 4, 2007, Associated Press, Hicks May Be Able to Speak to Media

April 4, 2007, Reuters, U.S. Agents Arrest 3 Accused of War Crimes

April 4, 2007, David Johnston, New York Times, Democrats Seek to Interview Gonzales Aide

April 3, 2007, Tom Dalton, Salem (MA) News, Guantánamo lawyers win Salem Award

April 3, 2007, Carol D. Leonnig, Washington Post, Police Log Confirms FBI Role in Arrests

April 3, 2007, Vikram Dodd, The Guardian/UK, Four years in Guantánamo - the man who said no to MI5

April 3, 2007, Linda Greenhouse, New York Times, Supreme Court Denies Guantánamo Appeal

April 3, 2007, David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times, Supreme Court refuses to hear Guantánamo detainees' case -- for now

April 3, 20007, Reuters, New York Times, U.S. Transfers Prisoners to Afghan Custody

April 3, 2007, DeWayne Wickham, USA Today, Bush Conjures Up Tortured Defense of Executive Privilege

April 3, 2007, Eugene Robinson, Washington Post Op-Ed, Orwell at Guantánamo

April 3, 2007, Larry Beinhart,, Ah, Alberto Gonzales

April 2, 2007, Mark Sherman, Associated Press, Court denies appeal from Gitmo detainees.

April 2, 2007, Ben Feller, Associated Press, Democrats won't reschedule Gonzales.

April 2, 2007, Tina Bay, Metropolitan News-Enterprise, LACBA Agrees to Sign Amicus Brief in Warrantless Wiretapping Case.

April 2, 2007, Paul Krugman, New York Times Op-Ed, Distract and Disenfranchise.

April 2, 2007, Michael Gawenda, The Sydney Morning Herald, US values on trial alongside Hicks.

April 1, 2007, Michael Kranish, Boston Globe, Leahy finds chance to fight executive privilege strategy

April 1, 2007, Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Detainee's plea deal angers some legal experts

April 1, 2007, Associated Press, Hick's father says plea deal proves case corruption

April 1, 2007, William Glaberson, New York Times, Some Bumps at Start of War Tribunals at Guantánamo

April 1, 2007, Josh White, Washington Post, Australian's Plea Deal Was Negotiated Without Prosecutors

April 1, 2007, Charlotte Laws, Los Angeles Daily News, Could you be seen as the terrorist next door?

April 1, 2007, Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Hearst Newspapers, FBI boss derided as serial apologist

April 1, 2007, Leah Nylen, Medill News Service, Why do U.S. attorneys matter?

April 1, 2007, Amy Goldstein and Dan Eggen, Washington Post, Prosecutor Posts Go to Bush Insiders

April 1, 2007, Associated Press, Muslim Clerics Sue Airline and Passengers