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Archives - April 2005

April 29, 2005, USA PATRIOT Act and libraries:

April 29, 2005, William McCall, Associated Press, Portland first city to withdraw from FBI task force

April 29, 2005, Anna Griffin, The Oregonian, Joy in gallery as Portland quits FBI task force

April 29, 2005, Democracy Now!, Real ID Act Attached to "Must-Pass" Spending Bill Imposes Anti-Immigrant Measures

April 29, 2005, Pamela Hess, United Press International/Washington Times, Analysis: Abu Ghraib scandal toll

April 29, 2005, Carol D. Leonnig, Washington Post, Detainee Questioning Was Faked, Book Says, U.S. Military Denies Staging Interviews

April 29, 2005, Victoria Ward,, Guantánamo Prisoners 'Subjected to Mock Grillings'

April 29, 2005, William Fisher, Dissident Voice, Your Tax Dollars At Work (Steve Kurtz case)

April 29, 2005, Devlin Barrett, Associated Press, Increase seen in number of court-ordered wiretaps

April 29, 2005, Siobhan Gorman, National Journal/GovExec, DHS chief floats idea of collecting private citizens' information

April 29, 2005, Ann Woolner, Bloomberg, Choosing Bin Laden's Privacy Over Open Government

April 28, 2005, Common Dreams, House Members Announce Patriot Act Reform Caucus

April 28, 2005, USA PATRIOT Act:

April 28, 2005, Portland to Withdraw from JTTF:

April 28, 2005, Abu Ghraib:

April 28, 2005, Democracy Now!, UN Human Rights Investigator in Afghanistan Ousted Under U.S. Pressure

April 28, 2005, Deborah Horan, Chicago Tribune, U.N. investigator charges U.S. removed him from post as cover up

April 28, 2005, Frazier Moore, Associated Press, PBS''Now' Visits Guantánamo Prison

April 28, 2005, Reuters/New York Times, Interrogations Faked at Guantánamo, Witness Says

April 28, 2005, Secrecy News, CRS: White House Errs on Detention of Americans

April 28, 2005, Susan B. Glasser, Washington Post, Global Terrorism Statistics Released: Clearinghouse Data Show Sharp Rise

April 28, 2005, Secrecy News, NCTC Terrorism Chronology 2004

April 28, 2005, Eric Schmitt, New York Times, In New Manual, Army Limits Tactics in Interrogation

April 27, 2005, Mark Sherman, Associated Press/The Washington Post, Congress: Secrecy Hurts Patriot Act Push

April 27, 2005, Ian Simpson, Reuters, Rights Group: Abu Ghraib Abuses 'Tip of Iceberg'

April 27, 2005, Human Rights Watch, U.S.: Abu Ghraib Only the 'Tip of the Iceberg'

April 27, 2005, Jan Sliva, Washington Post, Rights Group Condemns U.S. Over Guantánamo

April 27, 2005, Associated Press, Human rights body condemns U.S. for Gitmo 'torture'

April 27, 2005, Associated Press, Man in 9/11 trial denies knowledge of Al Qaeda

April 27, 2005, Jessica Azulay, The NewStandard, Anti-immigrant Measures Negotiated by House, Senate

April 27, 2005, Opinion, The Boston Globe, A mistaken ID bill

April 27, 2005, Joe Conason, New York Observer/Working for Change, Bush hides the truth about terror, torture

April 27, 2005, Susan B. Glasser, Washington Post, U.S. Figures Show Sharp Global Rise In Terrorism

April 26, 2005, Arshad Mohammed, Reuters/Common Dreams, World Terror Attacks Tripled in 2004 by U.S. Count

April 26, 2005, Barry Schweid, Associated Press, Report Shows 2004 Rise in Terror Attacks

April 26, 2005, Reuters/TruthOut, Europe Invites the United States to Observe the Law

April 26, 2005, Agence France-Presse/TruthOut, Kennedy: One Year after Abu Ghraib, US Response Still Inadequate

April 26, 2005, Anna Griffin, The Oregonian, Portland mayor leaves chief out of loop

April 26, 2005, Charlie Savage, The Boston Globe, Some fear law would create national ID card

April 26, 2005, Pam Fessler, National Public Radio, Problems Plague 'No-Fly' List, TSA Considers Changes

April 26, 2005, Omar Khan, Washington Post, Screening in Need of Sense: Airline Databases and Bureaucracy Add Up to Wasted Resources

April 26, 2005, Editorial, San Francisco Chronicle, No accountability for Abu Ghraib

April 26, 2005, Opinion, The Record, No accounting for torture

April 26, 2005, Chicago Tribune, ACLU seeks police files on infiltration of group

April 26, 2005, Dave Reynolds, The NewStandard, Peace Group Sues Chicago Police Over Infiltration Documents

April 26, 2005, William Norman Grigg, The New American, Patriot Act for Pranksters?

April 26, 2005, Manu Joseph, Wired News, Your Money Under More Scrutiny

April 26, 2005, Eric Lipton, New York Times, Some U.S. Security Agents Chafe Under Speech Limits

April 25, 2005, George Lewis, MSNBC, Portland backs out of terrorism task force

April 25, 2005, Democracy Now!, Getting Away with Torture? Human Rights Watch Calls for Accountability Into U.S. Abuse of Detainees

April 25, 2005, Abid Aslam, OneWorldUS/Common Dreams, Rights Watchdog Demands Rumsfeld Abuse Inquiry

April 25, 2005, Nick Meo, The Independent (UK)/Common Dreams, UN Investigator Who Exposed US Army Abuse Forced Out of His Job

April 25, 2005, Ivan Eland, Independent Institute, Evidence that the U.S. May Be Losing the Global War on Terror

April 25, 2005, Deborah Barfield Berry, Newsday, Ready to tackle ID Act

April 25, 2005, Brendan Coyne, The NewStandard, Artists Experience Déjà vu in Bioterror Case That Won't Go Away

April 25, 2005, Florence Olsen, Federal Computer Week, Proponent of open government, McDermott: Feds closing the door to information

April 25, 2005, Greg Miller, Los Angeles Times, Experts Call Spy Agency Practice an Eye-Opener

April 25, 2005, Chris Gonsalves,, Retire the Patriot Act

April 24, 2005, Severin Carrell, The Independent (UK), US Guards at Guantánamo Tortured Me, Says UK Man

April 24, 2005, Groups call for investigation of Rumsfeld's involvement in abuse of detainees:

April 24, 2005, N.C. Aizenmann, Washington Post, In a Jail in Cuba Beat the Heart of a Poet

April 24, 2005, Charlie Savage, Boston Globe, In Terror War's Name, Public Loses Information

April 24, 2005, Jane Gordon, New York Times, In Patriots' Cradle, the Patriot Act Faces Scrutiny

April 23, 2005, Portland plans to withdraw from FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force:

April 23, 2005, Top U.S. Army officials cleared in detainee abuse cases:

April 23, 2005, James Rupert, Newday, UN fires Afghan monitor: World body kneels to American pressure to eliminate post of independent human rights expert who has criticized U.S. military's violations

April 23, 2005, Carlotta Gall, New York Times, U.N. Monitor of Afghan Rights Accuses U.S. on Detentions

April 23, 2005, Riaz Khan, Associated Press/Washington Post, Ex-Cuba Detainee Details Captivity

April 23, 2005, CNN, Moussaoui pleads guilty to terror charges, Defendant in 9/11 case says he will argue against death penalty

April 23, 2005, Henri E. Cauvin, Washington Post, U.S. Yields In Anthrax Lawsuit Standoff: Some Questioning Allowed on Leaks

April 22, 2005, Associated Press, Hearing in FBI Translator's Case Remains Closed

April 22, 2005, Dana Priest, Washington Post, Senate Urged to Probe CIA Practices

April 22, 2005, Secrecy News, SSCI Fractures Over CIA Detention Policy

April 22, 2005, Associated Press/New York Times, 5 Muslim - Americans Sue Homeland Security

April 22, 2005, Neil A. Lewis & David Johnston, New York Times, Suspect Pleads Guilty to 9/11 Role and May Face Death Penalty

April 22, 2005, Associated Press, Moussaoui Set to Plead Guilty to Terrorism

April 22, 2005, Jeremiah Marquez, Associated Press, Air Marshal Sues Homeland Security Chief Over Speech Restrictions

April 21, 2005, Court bars public from hearing whistleblower Sibel Edmonds' case:

April 21, 2005, Onnesha Roychoudhuri, Mother Jones, Keeping the Fear Alive

April 21, 2005, Sara Kehaulani Goo, Washington Post, Passenger Lists Sought For Flights Over U.S.

April 21, 2005, Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters/Union-Tribune, U.N. probes rights breaches in counter-terror acts

April 21, 2005, Reuters/New York Times, U.N. Rights Body Rejects Call for Guantánamo Probe

April 21, 2005, Alexander G. Higgins, Associated Press, U.N. Rejects Bid to Probe Gitmo Treatment

April 21, 2005, Michelle Garcia, Washington Post, Muslims Detained at Border Sue U.S. Homeland Security

April 21, 2005, Gene Warner, Buffalo News, Muslims' lawsuit involves upholding religious liberties for all, lawyer says

April 21, 2005, Jill Barton, Associated Press, Controversial Crime Database Matrix Shuts Down

April 21, 2005, Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian, Warning on spread of state surveillance

April 21, 2005, John Lettice, The Register (UK), Smile: you're under global surveillance

April 21, 2005, Editorial, Daily Astorian, Our rights and freedom are at stake, Patriot Act is only one of many laws that can be used against Americans

April 21, 2005, Larry Abramson, National Public Radio, Technologies Create New Challenges for Patriot Act

April 21, 2005, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, Judge Rules 9/11 Defendant Is Competent to Plead Guilty

April 21, 2005, Associated Press, Moussaoui Could Face Death Penalty

April 21, 2005, Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times, Deming's defender of words

April 20, 2005, United Press International/Washington Times, Poll: Many think U.S. troops still torture

April 20, 2005, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, House Panel Studies Sharing of Intelligence

April 20, 2005, Anita Ramasastry, FindLaw, The Important But Flawed USA Patriot Act: Why Congress Should Allow Certain Provisions to Expire This Year

April 20, 2005, Bill Fisher, News, Wiretaps are up sharply as Congress debates Patriot Act

April 20, 2005, Henry Silverman, City Pulse, Riding into the sunset with the Patriot Act

April 20, 2005, Associated Press, AP Sues Pentagon for Guantánamo Documents

April 20, 2005, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, Sept. 11 Suspect May Be Set to Admit Guilt

April 20, 2005, Associated Press/New York Times, Judge Weighs Moussaoui's 9 / 11 Guilty Plea

April 20, 2005, David Staba, New York Times, Colleague Testifies in Case of Artist's Germ Use (Steve Kurtz case)

April 20, 2005, Opinion, Minnesota Daily, A war on terror gone awry: An Iraqi immigrant falsely imprisoned speaks volumes about the costs of the war on terror

April 20, 2005, Andrea Elliott, New York Times, Five Muslims to Sue U.S. Over Border Detentions

April 20, 2005, Reuters/New York Times, Muslim - Americans Sue Govt for Racial Profiling

April 20, 2005, WorldNetDaily, ACLU, CAIR decry anti-terror efforts

April 20, 2005, Josh White, Washington Post, 18 More Detainees Leave Guantánamo

April 20, 2005, Carlotta Gall, New York Times, 17 Afghans Freed From Guantánamo Prison

April 20, 2005, Associated Press/New York Times, Democrats: HSD Omits Right - Wing Threats

April 19, 2005, Seventeen Afghans released from Guantánamo:

April 19, 2005, Josh White, Washington Post, Soldiers' 'Wish Lists' Of Detainee Tactics Cited

April 19, 2005, Will Dunham, Reuters/Common Dreams, Guantánamo Inmates Yield 'Valuable' Data

April 19, 2005, Reuters/Human Rights Watch, Guantánamo: Give U.N. Monitors Access to Detainees

April 19, 2005, Jerry Markon, Washington Post, Moussaoui Planning To Admit 9/11 Role, Judge Will Weigh Mental Capacity

April 19, 2005, Dreams, Terrorism Reports 'Had Errors'

April 19, 2005, Joel Wendland, Political Affairs/Common Dreams, Condoleezza Rice Orders Scrapping Of Terrorism Report

April 19, 2005, Abe Estimada,, Portland delays vote on joining anti-terror task force

April 19, 2005, Secrecy News, State Secrets and Executive Power

April 19, 2005, Mimi Hall, USA Today, Truckers bristle at anti-terror rules

April 18, 2005, Richard A. Serrano, Los Angeles Times, Military Report on Guantánamo Highlights Danger of Al Qaeda

April 18, 2005, Associated Press/CNN, Gonzales doing things differently as Attorney General

April 18, 2005, Jill Barton, Associated Press, Controversial terror database Matrix shuts down

April 18, 2005, Caroline Drees, Reuters/The Union-Tribune, More bank data may not aid fight against terrorism

April 18, 2005, Martin C. Evans, Newsday, Army chaplain, wrongly imprisoned on terror charges, tells audience that U.S. law and anti-Muslim hysteria jeopardizes civil rights

April 17, 2005, Editorial Board, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, USA Patriot Act: Restoring liberty

April 17, 2005, Editorial, Argus Leader, Change Patriot Act: Ease provisions that violate basic human rights and freedoms

April 15, 2005, Associated Press/Los Angeles Times, Guantánamo Detainee Wins Order Against Transfer

April 15, 2005, Associated Press/New York Times, West Nations Try to Deport Terror Suspects

April 15, 2005, Robert Verkaik, The New Zealand Herald, Terror suspects at risk of torture, report claims

April 15, 2005, Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice, The CIA's Kidnapping Ring

April 15, 2005, Douglas Jehl, New York Times, No. 2 Intelligence Nominee Testifies on Privacy Rules

April 15, 2005, Jonathan S. Landay, Knight Ridder Newspapers/TruthOut, Bush Administration Eliminating 19-year-old International Terrorism Report

April 15, 2005, Rep. John Conyers, Jr.,, Scapegoating Immigrants

April 15, 2005, Editorial, The Monitor, Patriot Act Sunset: Congress should let troubling sections expire

April 14, 2005, New suit details abuse at Guantánamo:

April 14, 2005, Richard A. Serrano, Los Angeles Times, Gitmo 'Lifetime,' Interrupted

April 14, 2004, Diana Elias, Associated Press, Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Didn't Know of 9/11

April 14, 2005, Associated Press/New York Times, U.S. Can't Move Detainee Without Notice

April 14, 2005, Carol Rosenberg, Knight Ridder Newspapers, U.N. fact-finders press for access to Guantánamo detainees

April 14, 2005, Peter A. Sutters Jr., Times Ledger, Queens Village girl eyed in terror plot

April 14, 2005, Associated Press/MSNBC, Bush defends need for records privacy

April 14, 2005, Associated Press, Kurtz Prosecution Provokes Unease Among Artists

April 14, 2005, Editorial, The Nation, Patriot Act Evasions

April 14, 2005, Coleen Rowley, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, RIGHTS AT RISK: Accountability is crucial to balance liberties and security

April 14, 2005, Walter Pincus, Washington Post, London Ricin Finding Called a False Positive

April 13, 2005, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, Specter Voices Frustration Over Briefing on Patriot Act

April 13, 2005, Editorial, Florida Today, Protect civil liberties

April 13, 2005, Charlie Savage, Boston Globe, Guantánamo detainee is alleging he was brutalized, Suit to seek data about 6 Algerians

April 13, 2005, Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times, Abu Ghraib convict breaks silence

April 13, 2005, Andrea Weigl, The News & Observer (NC)/TruthOut, Court Unseals Passaro Papers: Tenet, Gonzales on Witness List

April 13, 2005, R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post, Interrogator Says U.S. Approved Handling of Detainee Who Died

April 13, 2005, Spencer Ackerman, New Republic/TruthOut, Sealed Lips (Negroponte confirmation hearings)

April 12, 2005, Jeffrey Fleishman, Newsday, Man's Claims May Be a Look at Dark Side of War on Terror

April 12, 2005, Editorial, Cincinnati Post, Sorting fact from fiction

April 12, 2005, Shawn Ban, Brown Daily Herald, Representing Guantánamo detainees

April 12, 2005, Editorial, New York Times, Guilty Until Proven Innocent

April 12, 2005, Opinion, USA Today, 'Trust me' just doesn't fly

April 12, 2005, Editorial, The Toledo Blade, Curbing the Patriot Act

April 12, 2005, Editorial, The Montgomery Advertiser, Sessions should see difference

April 12, 2005, Reuters/New York Times, Negroponte Vows Spying Revamp, 'Unvarnished Truth'

April 12, 2005, Associated Press/New York Times, Confirmation Hearing Begins for Intelligence Nominee

April 11, 2005, Nat Hentoff, Washington Times Editorial, Ending torture outsourcing

April 11, 2005, Editorial, The Keene Sentinel, Prisoner abuse

April 11, 2005, Opinion, The Record, Snooping in the USA

April 11, 2005, Opinion, The Quad-City Times, Republicans and Democrats at last can agree: Fix the Patriot Act

April 10, 2005, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, U.S. Seeks Access to Bank Records to Deter Terror

April 10, 2005, New York Times Editorial, Revising the Patriot Act

April 10, 2005, Nolan Finley, Detroit News Editorial, Five Reasons Why Conservatives Should Fight the Patriot Act

April 10, 2005, Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune, The Calm After the Patriot Act Storm

April 10, 2005, Raymond Bonner, New York Times, Australia Uneasy About U.S. Detainee Case

April 10, 2005, Stephen Vincent Kobasa, Common Dreams, Mocked by Terror

April 9, 2005, Pete Yost & Matt Kelley, Associated Press, Records Give Voice to Guantánamo Detainees, see also court documents of several Guantánamo detainees, including testimony in so-called "tribunals"

April 9, 2005, Nina Bernstein, New York Times, Teachers and Classmates Express Outrage at Arrest of Girl, 16, as a Terrorist Threat

April 9, 2005, Washington Post/Kansas City Star, Patriot Act cited in clandestine search

April 9, 2005, Editorial, Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), Curb Patriot Act powers now

April 8, 2005, Guantánamo:

April 8, 2005, Noelle Crombie & Jeff Kosseff, The Oregonian, Mayfield case stokes debate on Patriot Act

April 8, 2005, Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation, Sweet Victory: Montana Acts Patriotic

April 8, 2005, David Sarasohn, The Oregonian, A new word on Mayfield, the Patriot Act

April 8, 2005, Editorials on the USA PATRIOT Act:

April 8, 2005, Nina Bernstein, New York Times, Girl Called Would-Be Bomber Was Drawn to Islam

April 7, 2005, USA PATRIOT Act:

April 7, 2005, Dan Eggen, Washington Post, Flawed FBI Probe Of Bombing Used A Secret Warrant

April 7, 2005, Guantánamo:

April 7, 2005, ABC News, Homeland Security Head Chertoff Reconsidering Terror Color Code

April 7, 2005, Kyle A. Torok, Hornell Evening Tribune, Chaudhry defends '96 donation to Muslim charity

April 6, 2005, Congressional debates on the USA PATRIOT Act:

April 6, 2005, Associated Press, Attorney General admits use of Patriot Act in Mayfield case

April 6, 2005, Sarah Ferren, KVAL-TV, Patriot Act Used in Mayfield Case

April 6, 2005, Douglas Jehl, New York Times, White House Has Tightly Restricted Oversight of C.I.A. Detentions

April 6, 2005, Angela Woodall, United Press International/The Washington Times, Analysis: Detainees rights questioned

April 6, 2005, Declan McCullagh, CNET News, Homeland Security panel picks controversial chief

April 6, 2005, Rhonda Chriss Lokeman, Knight Ridder Newspapers, Making sure the whistles keep blowing

April 5, 2005, Debates on reauthorization of UPA "sunset" provisions begin:

April 5, 2005, Associated Press, Patriot Act used in Portland attorney investigation, attorney general says

April 4, 2005, Andrew Zajac, Chicago Tribune/KRT, Patriot Act up for renewal, but law's effectiveness unclear

April 4, 2005, Associated Press, Patriot Act Provisions Expiring

April 4, 2005, Declan McCullagh, CNET News, The next chapter in the Patriot Act

April 4, 2005, Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice, Whitewashing Rumsfeld: Circling the wagons around the defense secretary and his commander in chief

April 4, 2005, Associated Press, U.N., U.S. can't agree on Guantánamo visit

April 4, 2005, Reuters, UN Torture Envoy Confident of Visit to Guantánamo

April 4, 2005, Opinion, Baltimore Sun, Prisoners of the new war

April 4, 2005, Reuters/New York Times, Abu Ghraib Probe Suggests CIA Role in Iraqi Deaths

April 4, 2005, Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, Fox News, 'Real ID' Bill Caught in Legislative Limbo

April 4, 2005, Editorial, New York Times, Guns for Terrorists

April 4, 2005, Associated Press/New York Times, Muslim Americans Question Border Screening

April 3, 2005, Associated Press, Translator who downloaded classified files says he made innocent mistake

April 1, 2005, Associated Press/TruthOut, Government Wiretaps, Searches Up 75 Percent

April 1, 2005, Reuters/TruthOut, US Citizen Held in Iraq as Suspected Insurgent

April 1, 2005, Bob Herbert, New York Times Op-Ed, We Can't Remain Silent