Bill of Rights Defense Campaign

BILL OF RIGHTS Defense Committee - Working with communities to uphold the Bill of RightsWe the People
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Resources for Defending Civil Liberties

Contact your Senators and Representative

In preparation for another PATRIOT Act reauthorization fight in 2009, we must continue to inform our U. S. Senators and Representatives about the effects of the PATRIOT Act, the need to reform the law, and their duty to perform oversight. Find contact information for your members of Congress.

Action Suggestions

  • Suggestions from groups nationwide who participated in a January 3, 2006, conference call.

Sample Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, Press Release

The columnists below invite you to submit their op-eds as is, with their bylines, or to borrow liberally from them in creating your own, with your own byline.

Resources for the Business Community

Other Resources

Documentaries, Books, Plays
Literature, Booklets, Presentations, and Analyses