Wikileaks and the US government: The battle over information continues

In another update on the crusade against Wikileaks, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union challenged the government's attempt to access three individuals' Twitter information in relation to the Wikileaks investigation. This group includes an Icelandic parliamentarian as well as Jacob Applebaum, an American activist. ACLU staff Attorney said of the probe:

“We are troubled that the original court order requiring Twitter to turn over its users' private records was filed under seal. Except in truly extraordinary circumstances, Internet users should receive notice and an opportunity to go to court to defend their constitutional rights before their privacy is compromised. That’s what is happening now, and we are hopeful that the court will unseal the rest of the sealed materials.”

These developments demonstrate how the United States government continues to pursue Wikileaks secretly, regardless of the legality.

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