When the NSA & universities collaborate: a discussion with leading privacy experts at Johns Hopkins University

bca8e39ceOn Tuesday, April 15, BORDC executive director, Shahid Buttar, spoke on a panel with privacy experts, Christopher Soghoian, ACLU Technologist, Matt Green and Joel Andreas, Johns Hopkins University professors, to discuss ways the intelligence community has begun to co-opt our higher education system. Each year the NSA gives millions of dollars to universities around the country in the form of scholarships, research grants, training, technology, and promises of jobs to students. This degree of influence and the bias it creates is concerning, particularly in the way the issues of mass surveillance is addressed and responded to on these campuses. Below is video from the evening's discussion.

Buttar opened his remarks with the question to the audience:

When the government knows everything you have said, or read, heard or written, every meeting that you have gone to, every website you have visited, how unlikely are you to embrace an unpopular opinion knowing that there is an agency down the street watching you?


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