VIDEO: Daniel Ellsberg, Oliver Stone, and Congressman John Conyers agree that a free society should not have secret laws

On October 23, the Stop Watching Us coalition released a new video  on NSA spying which documents a tapestry of distinguished voices speaking out against the abuses of the NSA and the larger government. Such voices include whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), veteran talk show host and journalist Phil Donahue, as well as actors Maggie Gyllenhaal, and John Cusack--to name a few. These individuals are but a few of the millions of Americans  around the country up in arms and organizing in their communities to hold the government accountable for its assault on our Constitutional rights and liberties on the whole.

Saturday, October 26, will be the Stop Watching Us coalition's Mass Rally Against Surveillance where thousands are expected to converge on the nation's capital. For those attending this will be an incredible opportunity to connect with like minds and also those who are from communities with which they are unfamiliar.While issues of dragnet surveillance and unwarranted searches affects us all, it also affects us differently depending on who and where we are in society. This weekend's rally is just the start of the nation having an open dialogue through action about how we will and must hold individuals like James Clapper, Keith Alexander, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and President Barack Obama, along with the various committees, and agencies over which they preside, accountable for the continual and impudent betrayal of the laws of this country and the trust of American people.

Reining in state power will take protracted action and massive cooperation across class, political, cultural, and religious lines, which on its face might appear as difficult as holding government meaningfully accountable. It isn't. There are strategies for diverse collaboration to affect change locally in a way that reverberates up, impacting policy on state, and national levels. On Friday October 25, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) will hold a training that will teach techniques in "Identifying Allies and Building Strong Coalitions" from 2 to 5 pm at the Historic Stewart Mott House in Washington DC, " in Washington DC. Participants will learn how to build consensus in coalitions, identify allies, create conditions for local victories, and how to leverage media to advance your goals. Send a note to our organizers if you have questions or are interested in receiving training materials. Join BORDC and bring a friend.

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Thanks Specsales!

For almost 4 years now, I have been followed around by a minimum of 3 planes at a time, with an occasional squadron that flies above like vultures in the skies as I go home from work. The entire time since the mind control surveillance began, a dizzying array of nano-devices have been dumped on my head and body. Photonic crystals of all shapes and form. Metals with strand-like structures that always eerily waved towards the light of my pocket microscope. Tangles of snow white fibers that are interspersed with single red or blue strands. White and amber colloidal gels with light emitting embedded objects. The list is too long. All are microdevices that have been programmed to simulate millions of crawling worms and insects on the head and face, while others are used to relay the physiological response to the sustained torture. All while angry interrogation-like voices talk thrash as I writhe in pain. My blood has light emitting devices now when viewed under a microscope.

Lately, they have been using new nano-devices. Wisps of 4 to 6 inch translucent straight fibers, similar to a spider's silk but much thinner.which they forcibly drive right straight through the nose. Strange cars, some with Washington State registration plates, are frequently coming and parking overnight to learn or/and to share torture expertise. Regularly, the kidneys are seared with DEW every night right through the metal plate that I wear at night. Nanofibers and tiny white crystals, coat the clothing that I wear as they are used to saturate the breathing space in a low grade nanoboarding during the day, falling all over me in the process. At night, the nanoboarding - a version of the infamous water-boarding used in 'enhanced interrogation' - is implemented full fledged. Nanodevice saturated air is blown directly into the nose and I can feel the low grade blowing as the particles are driven into the nose just like barkdust is driven from a powered spreader, causing extreme sensations of suffocation. This occurs while other devices are vibrated wildly in torturous patterns all over the scalp, forehead and face in what amounts to a superlative excitation of the sensory system aka sensory overload. The devices are vibrated in the face and eyelashes and inside the right eye.

The surveillance torture signals that focus on the top of the head have carved out over time, deep, irregular grooves and pits, some of which go so deep that the only thing standing between the bone underneath, is very thin skin. I shaved the head recently in order to view the grooves which I could only feel when running my fingers over the scalp previously. I was not prepared for what I saw. Deep grooves which were carved remotely with unspeakable pain, criss-cross the top of the head. The grooves appear as black lines sometimes. This is because the hair inside the grooves is so deep that the shaving blade cannot possibly reach it. I took pictures and went to a professional photographer for more pictures. The torture contractor has now focused the torture on the head strictly on the grooves and pits to not just cause maximal pain, but I think to inflict worse. Razor-sharp crystals dumped on the head remotely are used to pierce through the pile of things that I put on my head to protect myself, and to cause cut-like pain all over the scalp, including deep inside the grooves and pits. Microwave heat, like a blow dryer blowing hot air on the head, targets the now clean shaven head each time I wash off the devices, as the torturers replaces the nanodevices...

Many of these devices saturate my body now where they are regularly used in internal organ torture. The smooth muscle of the esophagus has been twisted, churned, pinched and brushed in the past, including suspending food boluses there while eating, so that food 'just hangs there' while en route to the stomach. Violent coughing spasms implemented by mobilizing a nanofiber to brush against the epithelial tissue of the airway, is also frequently used, especially when I eat, write, read, pick up a phone or talk with someone. The coughing spams can be so severe that the eyes water and become blood red, the nose drips serous liquid and the muscles involved in coughing ache severely from exhaustion...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg...

I, along with tens of thousands of innocent Americans across the country who suffer under various advanced technologies that are being abused on them, have committed no crimes and we are not terrorists. Is there anyone out there to help us?

Pat B.

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I thought that this website would be one of the most befitting places to post some farewell words to a man who would have blessed its work and the underlying principles that drive the work.

Darkness as bottomless as the black hole, descended upon earth on Thursday December 5, 2013, marking the grand entrance of a vacuum in global moral political leadership with the passing of 95 yr old Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Ten thousand years will elapse before another like him walks among us.

By his example of leadership that was rooted in a stubborn conviction in cause; incredible courage; superlative wisdom and magnanimity of spirit; great capacity for forgiveness; love for his fellow humankind and disdain for the practice of carving out the human family into enclaves suited for brutal manipulation, he handed to humanity at large, a fine template for true and noble leadership.

Today, world leaders descend upon beautiful South Africa to pay tribute to a giant. Among them, in an sad paradox, political leaders of free democracies who knowingly leave behind in their countries, thousands of their fellow citizens who continue to endure chronic horrific tortures with advanced electromagnetic weapons systems while they turn a deaf ear, in an act that constitutes the most superlative abuse and denial of freedoms imaginable, and in what amounts to an ironic and most complete insult to the very ideals that Mandela genuinely cherished.

His example in sacrifice for a noble cause, will continue to be a well from which billions around the globe who thirst for hope and inspiration in their own struggles not just for freedom, democracy and justice, but for so much more, can pause to drink and be refreshed and invigorated on their arduous journey to the top of the mountain.

Being a clan relation conferred none of his amazing gifts on me or anyone else, as well it should not have. Virtue cannot be inherited. It must be earned. All the reason for me to continue to strive to be the better person that he inspires me to be by continuing to adopt the principles that he lived his own life by. All the reason that all chronically tortured individuals today, must continue to persist in their efforts to defeat the evil that has descended upon us, and hope that like Mandela, someday we will be free.

Hamba kakuhle nyana we Africa. Umsebenzi wakho kweli lizwe uqaqambe wakhanyisela zonke izizwe zomhlaba. ( Go well son of Africa. Your work while in this world shone for all nations to benefit from. Pat B. December 8, 2013.