Torture making a comeback?

The ACLU and 30 other organizations, including the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, have sent a letter to the Senate in response to Sen. Kelly Ayotte's (R-NH) attempt to pass an amendment rolling back the anti-torture prevention measures that "Congress overwhelmingly approved in the 2005 McCain Anti-Torture Amendment, as well as a 2009 Executive Order on ensuring lawful interrogations."

The amendment "would also require the administration to create a secret list of approved interrogation techniques in a classified annex to the existing interrogation field manual."

The ACLU letter "argues that we 'cannot afford to return to practices that degraded our country in the eyes of the general public,' and asks the Senate to oppose the Ayotte Amendment."

Meanwhile, "Michele Bachmann renewed her attack on the prohibition of waterboarding and other forms of torture in her claim that the ACLU runs interrogations."

However, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and CIA Director David Patreus "have both said that the 2009 Executive Order applying the Army Field Manual government-wide and the 2005 McCain Anti-Torture Amendment work and are consistent with good national security."

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