Raise your voice this month to restore your rights

Congress,,You have the opportunity to bring civil liberties to the forefront of the presidential debate.

This summer, from August 6 to September 7, members of Congress will return home to meet with their constituents. During this time, representatives will be looking to hear the interests and concerns of constituents like you – presenting a perfect opportunity to express your views and make an impact. Congress is already set to consider several civil rights and civil liberties issues this year, including indefinite domestic military detention, and dragnet NSA surveillance and wiretapping.

Telling our representatives to stand up for our constitutional rights will be insufficient to beat back the national security state. But taking that step remains a critical part of a broader strategy. And it's a part of the process that only you (and your neighbors) can fill.

Are you ready to raise your voice?

Our federal representatives can take several actions this year to advance constitutional rights, whether by (1) voting to repeal the indefinite domestic military detention powers of the NDAA, (2) supporting the JUSTICE Act to fix dragnet surveillance abuses of the PATRIOT Act alongside FISA standards up for reauthorization this fall, or (3) supporting the End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA) to address a problem long ignored by our federal government.

The summer recess offers an unmatched opportunity to sensitize your member of Congress, as well as your Senators, about the importance of civil liberties. And if, together, we can inspire them to start asking tough questions in Washington, we might hear more about civil liberties from candidates this November.

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