Over 1,000 Californians speak out for real NSA reform


California residents are displaying a strong show of solidarity in the fight against the FISA Improvements Act, a red herring proposal that would affirm most of the NSA's increasingly controversial spying powers. Over 1,100 people have signed an open letter authored by the Bay Area Shame On Feinstein coalition, of which BORDC is a member.  The letter calls for the withdrawal of the bill in its entirety, for Sen. Feinstein to support meaningful NSA reform such as the USA Freedom Act and finally for Sen. Feinstein to resign as chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence because she has lost the trust of California voters.

From the open letter:

“We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, write to you today to express our profound concern and outrage at your attempt to codify unconstitutional privacy violations by the National Security Agency (NSA) with the so-called FISA Improvements Act (S.1631). We demand that you withdraw the bill in its entirety and support legitimate legislation to bring the NSA and all other federal agencies engaged in data collection and surveillance into compliance with the U.S. Constitution. Additionally, your failure to meaningfully act on this issue has left us no choice but to demand your resignation from the chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee because you have demonstrated a complete lack of accountability to the people who elected you to represent them.”

People in the United States have a myriad of reasons to oppose the regressive FISA Improvement Act. Chief among them are the dark implications the Act’s passage would have for civil liberties and privacy. The FISA Improvements Act effectively legalizes constitutionally offensive bulk data collection.

Californians have distinct reasons to oppose the Act. The NSA revelations have had a powerful impact on the bottom line of the tech industry, a major economic engine in California. Tracy Rosenberg, executive director of Media Alliance, had this to say in her op-ed recently published by the San Francisco Chronicle:

“The biggest obstacle to the growing perception that bulk, warrantless data collection by the government gives Americans the creeps and needs to stop, is right here in California - and representing Silicon Valley.

California's senior senator, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is working overtime to destroy the Internet as we know it. Her FISA Improvements Act improves blanket and indiscriminate scooping up of enormous quantities of data by making sure the questionable legality of the NSA programs is enshrined into law - and the programs are expanded.”

Signatories to the letter are not limited to California voters, many state organizations have signed on as well. They include:

If you are a California resident who wants to see real NSA reform and you haven’t already signed onto the Shame On Feinstein open letter, you can do so here: https://shameonfeinstein.org

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Our constitutional rights are being infringed on everyday, from our right to bear arms, to the NSA spying on US citizens. Know that I do not approve nor condone this type of behavior and my vote in any upcoming elections will reflect the latter.

We the people are tired of big government trampling on our constitutional rights. I will not vote for any of you in the coming elections. Your term is up!

You are a joke.

stop spying on us

Feinsteins communist war chest is empty. And she is having trouble filling it up again. Time for a reboot or just a severe makeover.