Montana Senate Committee Unanimously Votes to Approve Anti-NDAA Bill

This post was written by Nick Sibilla, a BORDC summer 2012 intern.

This Wednesday, March 27, the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12-0 in favor of HB 522, which bans indefinite detention under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 within the state of Montana.

Last month, the Montana state house voted 98-0 to prohibit state cooperation with federal officials who attempt to detain individuals within Montana under Sections 1021 or 1022 of the NDAA.  The bill now heads to the Senate floor for a full vote, which may occur as early as next week.

Supporters of the bill are very diverse, including the ACLU, the Tenth Amendment Center, Oath Keepers, and BORDC.  When the bill was heard in committee last week, no objections were raised.

Montana is just one of many jurisdictions that are rising up to counter the NDAA's detention provisions. Bills aiming to restore Due Process have passed the state house in New Hampshire, as well as the state senates in Indiana, South Carolina, and Michigan, all by large margins.  Meanwhile, another dozen states are still considering restoring due process.

Most recently, Las Vegas passed a resolution condemning the NDAA.

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