Las Vegas passes Due Process resolution vs NDAA

Opposition to the domestic detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues to grow around the country. On March 20, the Las Vegas City Council passed a resolution aiming to restore Due Process in the face of the NDAA by a 5-2 vote.

Under the terms of the 2012 NDAA, the US military could arrest and imprison indefinitely any person accused of "belligerent acts" or assciational crimes without trial or proof of crime.

The Las Vegas resolution, based largely on the model developed by BORDC that  was also recently adopted by a unanimous vote in San Francisco, expressed widespread concerns that the NDAA could be used -- whether by the current administration or another -- to deprive Americans of our rights under the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments. The resolution also obliges Las Vegas officials to refuse requests by federal agencies operating under the NDAA and also asks that federal employees defer to the local law when working in the city.

The Nevada chapter of People Against the NDAA (PANDA) has been active in its resistance to the federal law. On their website, they write, "In short, the 2012 NDAA enables the government to make any person on US soil a prisoner of war."

PANDA praised the passage of the bill and hoped it will inspire more resistance to the federal law in other areas. Daphne Lee, the head of PANDA's Clark County Chapter, thanked Council members and the mayor for their support of the resolution. She said, “This action will support other cities, counties and states all over the country who seek to take a stand to protect constitutional rights.”

The resolution has passed the City Council and now faces approval from the Board of Country Commissioners. If it passes at the county level, it will become the nation's first joint city/council resolution condemning the NDAA. PANDA is also pressing for similar legislation to be adopted in northern Nevada.

Further, Nevada Senator Don Gustavson has submitted a bill to the state legislature, the Nevada Liberty Preservation Act, that would invalidate NDAA on the statewide level. Similar bills are pending in a dozen other states, including California, New Hampshire, and Michigan.

Groups opposing the NDAA can be found on Facebook; state groups have been formed in CaliforniaArizonaColoradoIndianaKansasMichigan,  MissouriNevada,  New York, OhioSouth CarolinaTexasWashington, and Wyoming.

Hopefully this happening in Vegas will not just stay in Vegas, but instead continue growing around the country.

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