"It's Wall Street and Washington against the rest of us"


Shahid Buttar, BORDC executive director, appeared on the Blaze Network's Wilkow! to discuss the national fight against the National Security Agency's spy programs.

Buttar explained:

What you’re witnessing is what it looks like when a bipartisan establishment closes ranks to defend itself against a transpartisan critique from the base. And we the American people are united across our political divisions. It’s only in Washington that you can find powerful people defending these programs.

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“It’s Wall Street and Washington against the rest of us” - Not that I disagree, I do in fact agree fully. But this wonderful soundbite isn't supported by the media clip from the segment included in the blog post. Yes, the Washington part is very supported, but the logical extension to include Wall St is vapid, at best.

Perhaps Shahid Buttar or you fine people at BORDC can post (or link to prior posts) more information and build the case such that it is undeniable by those who will not open their eyes or a living in denial. Yes, I get the connection via campaign finance, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the other channels of funding via K Street lobbyists, the massive investments in "buying" the elected representatives, etc.

Hurrah! After all I got a blog from where I can in fact take useful data regarding my study and knowledge.