Another Gitmo detainee set free

Thursday, a federal court ruled that an former Russian dancer be set free from Guantánamo Bay. So far the tally is 35-13 in favor of detainees being freed vs. indefinite detention being upheld. Don't forget that these men are supposedly the "worst of the worst." Interesting that phrase isn't being used quite so much these days. The sad part is there are "dozens" more hearings to be held.

Of course, the Justice Department is "reviewing the ruling." Of note is,

Congress has since blocked any resettlement of cleared Guantánamo captives onto U.S. soil. The Obama administration has turned to Europe mostly to take in released captives.

I guess even if you're not found guilty of anything, you're still guilty of something in the eyes of Congress.

With an almost 3 to 1 difference between "innocence" and "guilt," the tragedy is that there are many more innocent men whose lives continue to be ruined as they languish at Guantánamo Bay.

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